Tough As A Mother Tribe

"Good Vibes Mama" Mom Necklace - Labradorite Stone -


Genuine labradorite stone. 18" 14k gold-filled chain.   

Arrives beautifully packaged & gift  boxed

Our "good vibes" labradorite stone necklace for moms is perfect if you are seeking a minimalist mama necklace. This unique gemstone necklace makes a perfect new mom gift, baby shower gift, or gift for yourself.

Stone meaning:

  • Clears worries
  • Enhances intuitive abilities
  • Protects from negativity
  • Promotes strength & perseverance

What if we could live out our motherhoods with clear minds, positive thoughts, and with a deep connection to our powerful intuition. This labradorite gemstone enhances our ability to reconnect with ourselves and our true identity as a mother and only let the good vibes in, so all that mama guilt can fade away once and for all!

Customer Reviews

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Lovely gift

I was given the Labradorite Crystal Necklace. It’s beautiful but wish it came in sterling silver chain.

It’s lovely though.

Jenn Quillen
I LOVE this dainty necklace

Labradorite is one of my favorite crystals to work with as a crystal healer and Reiki master. This necklace is dainty and beautiful, perfect for layering with my black tourmaline pendant.

Emily Lewis AKA Mrs Mommy Booknerd
So...I am obsessed with these #necklaces by @toughasamothertribe

So...I am obsessed with these #necklaces by @toughasamothertribe

Being a #mother is one of the most important things in my life. It is something I take pride in, even on the hardest of days.

The “definition” of mother comes in various forms. You can be a biological mother, stepmother, mother by heart or fur mother the list goes on and on! Being a mother means caring deeply about another living thing and doing so with every fiber of your being! Being a mother is love without bounds!

Wearing these #toughasamothertribe necklaces makes me feel like my children and fur baby are right there with me. Each necklace has a different stone and different affirmations to help minimize #MomGuilt (which we all have) and helps to promote #PositiveThinking.

You can even get custom made necklaces! #MothersDay is around the corner and these necklaces would make a great #gift! I highly recommend them and have gotten lots of compliments on my necklaces when I have worn mine!

Nikoleta Morales

Unique, colorful and elegant! The perfect addition to your casual or evening outfit! Love it!

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