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Tough As A Mother Tribe

Protection Gemstone Necklace

Protection Gemstone Necklace

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Genuine labradorite stone.  14k gold-filled chain.   

Arrives beautifully packaged & gift  boxed

Our "good vibes" labradorite stone necklace for moms is perfect if you are seeking a minimalist mama necklace. This unique gemstone necklace makes a perfect new mom gift, baby shower gift, or gift for yourself.

Stone meaning:

  • Clears worries
  • Enhances intuitive abilities
  • Protects from negativity
  • Promotes strength & perseverance

What if we could live out our motherhoods with clear minds, positive thoughts, and with a deep connection to our powerful intuition. This labradorite gemstone enhances our ability to reconnect with ourselves and our true identity as a mother and only let the good vibes in, so all that mama guilt can fade away once and for all!

18" Chain

Quality Material:

Gold-filled jewelry is an alternative to solid gold material. It's appearance, how it feels, and how long it lasts is like 14k solid gold. Wear our jewelry without the worry of tarnishing because with our highest quality 14k gold-filled chains you are wearing 100x more gold than plated jewelry.

Our 14k gold-filled chains are hypoallergenic,  lead and nickel free, and with proper care can last many years.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
michaela gordon-franco
Very Good!

I purchased a necklace for a friend. She loved it so much and said it was a great way to symbolically let her know that she is tough as a mother as she endures a very difficult life experience. I think Tough as a Mother jewelry can bring people together is a unique and special way. I would definitely purchase from this company in the future!

Jenn Quillen
I LOVE this dainty necklace

Labradorite is one of my favorite crystals to work with as a crystal healer and Reiki master. This necklace is dainty and beautiful, perfect for layering with my black tourmaline pendant.

Emily Lewis AKA Mrs Mommy Booknerd
So...I am obsessed with these #necklaces by @toughasamothertribe

So...I am obsessed with these #necklaces by @toughasamothertribe

Being a #mother is one of the most important things in my life. It is something I take pride in, even on the hardest of days.

The “definition” of mother comes in various forms. You can be a biological mother, stepmother, mother by heart or fur mother the list goes on and on! Being a mother means caring deeply about another living thing and doing so with every fiber of your being! Being a mother is love without bounds!

Wearing these #toughasamothertribe necklaces makes me feel like my children and fur baby are right there with me. Each necklace has a different stone and different affirmations to help minimize #MomGuilt (which we all have) and helps to promote #PositiveThinking.

You can even get custom made necklaces! #MothersDay is around the corner and these necklaces would make a great #gift! I highly recommend them and have gotten lots of compliments on my necklaces when I have worn mine!

Nikoleta Morales

Unique, colorful and elegant! The perfect addition to your casual or evening outfit! Love it!

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