When you’re ordering a custom mama or initial necklace, choosing the tiny gemstone to accompany your necklace is an important step. Read below to learn more about gemstone meanings and gemstone benefits, so you can choose the stone that fits your motherhood journey and your needs.

Labradorite Stone Meaning 

What if we could live out our motherhoods with clear minds, positive thoughts, and with a deep connection to our powerful intuition. This stone enhances our ability to reconnect with ourselves and our true identity as a mother, a gemstone meaning we can get behind! 

Blue Chalcedony Stone Meaning

Parenting can be full of anxiety, doubt, and fear. But this stone calms our racing minds, balances our thoughts, and increases communication between ourselves and others to help us find a clear path forward, no matter the circumstance.

Rose Quartz Stone Meaning

While it may not seem like it in many sticky and tricky moments, being a mother can be a joy-filled experience. Rose quartz has such a special gemstone meaning. This stone helps us reconnect with the heart of mothering: our love for our children, and a peaceful and confident journey through life with them.

Clear Quartz Stone Meaning

Oh my, is it hard to wait when you are a worried mama. But this stone promotes patience and perseverance over worry and struggle. The energy you get from this stone will remind you to carry on through trying times, and long and difficult phases - a gemstone meaning we all need from time to time!

Turquoise Gemstone Meaning

They say it takes a village, and this gemstone meaning reminds us of the wisdom and friendships necessary to enjoy our motherhoods. True success means not doing it alone and winning, but parenting with our supporters, and having the courage to reach out. We are not alone in parenting, and in life.

Rainbow Moonstone Meaning

From our rainbow babies to seeing a rainbow and being reminded of our grown child who has moved away, this stone is the heart of hope. Our intuition is to hope, and we crave the strength we get from renewed hope daily, which we will remember when we look at this stone.

Amethyst Gemstone Meaning

Mothers have literally one thousand things to worry about, to decide, and to solve. Amethysts promote decision making with a calm and serene mindset, and with every small decision made, we celebrate a clear and weightless mind that can enjoy the day to day.