Dressing myself in a mother’s armor: The Power of Gemstones

Mothers need all the help they can get--from surviving epic tantrums, to long and lonely days with younger kids that seem to drag on forever. Moms of older children need a little extra dose of strength and patience as they watch their children navigate the world on their own, encountering the challenges and heartbreaks that make up a whole life experience. Tough as a Mother Tribe empowers women around the world to use gemstones, and the power they hold to change our mindset, our mood, and the energy we send back out into the world. Here are a few of my favorites, and what they’ve meant to me throughout my motherhood journey.


What if we could live out our motherhoods with clear minds, positive thoughts, and with a deep connection to our powerful intuition? This stone enhances our ability to reconnect with ourselves and our true identity as a mother. 


  • Clears worries
  • Enhances intuitive abilities
  • Protects from negativity
  • Promotes strength & perseverance

This is my absolute favorite stone, as every single piece is different and unique. You and 1000 other moms could have a clear quartz that look similar, but with Labradorite, some pieces have flashes of blues or greens, and no two are the same. I could stare at them all day, as if I’m looking into a piece of the universe. 

This stone represents motherhood perfectly, as no two mothers or their children are the same, but rather dazzling versions of their own unique selves, each beautiful in a significant and powerful way. When I put on this stone in the morning, which I do every morning, I’m ready to take on anything that motherhood has to throw my way. Our “Good Vibes” necklace brings moms all the powers of the Labradorite.

Blue Chalcedony

Parenting can be full of anxiety, doubt, and fear. But this stone calms our racing minds, balances our thoughts, and increases communication between ourselves and others to help us find a clear path forward, no matter the circumstance.

  • Calming
  • Reduces fear, anger, and doubt
  • Improves communication
  • Restores balance

This one is a bit more feminine than I consider myself to be, but it’s also beautiful, and even reminds me of the ocean. Its peaceful vibe really helped me to remember to stay calm during my kids tantrums or when the babies were teething. It also helps us as mothers remember that yes, while we answer to mom all day, we are also women first. We deserve to wear and exude the beauty that we all hold within us, perfectly captured by the peace and calming nature of this stone. Check out a Chalcedony in our “Cool Mama” necklace.

Clear Quartz 

Oh my, is it hard to wait when you are a worried mama. But this stone promotes patience and perseverance over worry and struggle. The energy you get from this stone will remind you to carry on through trying times, and long and difficult phases.

  • Energy
  • Perseverance
  • Patience
  • Balance

What mother hasn’t spent hours, days, and years worried for the health, happiness, and general wellbeing of her child? From the moment we learn of our pregnancies, the worrying begins--but it doesn’t have to. Clear quartz is the great equalizer, clearing negative energy and returning your anxiety back to neutral. From there, you have the power to choose positivity, allowing you to create the motherhood you want for yourself, your children, and your family. Our “Balanced Mama” necklace clears out the negativity and helps restore your outlook on parenting, and life.


They say it takes a village, and this stone reminds us of the wisdom and friendships necessary to enjoy our motherhoods. True success means not doing it alone and winning, but parenting with our supporters, and having the courage to reach out. We are not alone in parenting, and in life.

  • Balance
  • Wisdom
  • Success
  • Courage 
  • Friendship

You aren’t mothering alone, on an island, and if you are it’s time we change that. My village consists of my mom, who I couldn’t live, parent, or run a business without, and a few sets of good friends who also have young children. But it’s not just about people to watch your kid while you take a business call--it’s about the unseen bond of women across the world, who have been through the same struggles as you and know them well. This is also our village, or our tribe, and nothing better represents this unity than turquoise. A stone rich in history, it’s known to represent friendship and courage, balance and wisdom. Available on a custom initial piece like our Mama Necklace.

Rainbow Moonstone

From our rainbow babies to seeing a rainbow and being reminded of our grown child who has moved away, this stone is the heart of hope. Our intuition is to hope, and we crave the strength we get from renewed hope daily, which we will remember when we look at this stone.

  • Balance
  • Hope
  • Compassion
  • Strength
  • Opens intuition

Rainbows carry different meanings for each of us, but for many mothers, a rainbow reminds us of a baby we’ve lost along the way, due to miscarriage or other causes. The rainbow moonstone helps us simultaneously carry these babies with us, giving us strength to endure such challenges, but also renews our hope for the future. Through these struggles, we build compassion for those around us, becoming cognizant of the heavy burdens and griefs they carry with them through their days. I myself know this pain well, and recently gained the courage to share my story through miscarriage. I always wear my initial necklace with my daughters names and choose a piece of rainbow moonstone on the back to remember the baby that I miscarried. 


Mothers have literally one thousand things to worry about, to decide, and to solve. Amethysts promote decision making with a calm and serene mindset, and with every small decision made, we celebrate a clear and weightless mind that can enjoy the day to day.

  • Alleviate stress/fatigue
  • Calms mind
  • Promotes decision making
  • Serenity

Decision fatigue is a constant worry for mothers, as they make a million tiny decisions each day, that carry meaning and consequences for our families. Amethyst brings me clarity when I wear it on days where I know I’ll be making difficult decisions, or on days when it seems the tons of tiny decisions are taking a toll, causing stress and fatigue. Instead of hiding from these difficult parts of motherhood, let’s acknowledge them together and use the Earth’s resources, such as gemstones and community, to combat them together.