Jennifer Cervantes, Founder of Tough As A Mother Tribe


 Remember what we used to think parenting would be like, before we had kids? I personally envisioned sitting on a park bench, sipping my extra foamy latte in cute flats, with a trendy diaper bag sitting beside me. I’d watch my kids swirl down bright blue slides, wearing adorable onesies with a matching flower bow. It would be nothing short of a dream, all day, every day. Then I had my two kids. Let’s just say, I was off a bit. While there are brief moments that feel like my motherhood vision, most days are way messier, louder, and chaotic than I ever thought possible.

But not necessarily worse, just different. It’s no wonder we talk about being tough as a mother - we moms need to be strong! Personally, I’ve grown deeper, and stronger, then I ever thought possible through this journey we call motherhood. I may be wearing last year’s worn-out sneakers, and I’m definitely not sitting when we are at the park--I’m cleaning wet butts from the dirty slide, picking up my not so perfect diaper bag that spilled everywhere, and yelling at one kid to stop climbing the light post. 
From finding the strength to endure miscarriage, to the deep darkness of postpartum anxiety. Through sleepless nights and a number of physical and mental challenges I never even knew existed. No matter what our motherhood journeys, we all deserve to call ourselves tough as a mother.
The Birth of Tough As A Mother Tribe I discovered my true calling to make meaningful jewelry for mothers when I myself faced so many post-partum motherhood struggles. I utilize the power and meanings of gemstones to design pieces that honor the most joyous and raw parts of motherhood.
Whether you are buying for yourself, shopping for a new mom jewelry gift for a first-time mom just embarking on her motherhood journey, or are gifting to a third-time mom choosing hope as she carries her rainbow baby, you are in the right place. You are strong, beautiful and tough as a mother.
Let’s honor the motherhood journey.