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Personalized Initial Necklace for Moms Letter "T"


Letter T Initial Necklace - The Deets! 

What better way to celebrate your special role as mama than by wearing your child’s initial around your neck? This dainty gold letter T initial necklace makes it easy to wear every day - no matter what your mom uniform looks like.

This minimalist gold initial jewelry is perfect for a new mom gift or baby shower gift for mom - helping a new mama celebrate their little one’s name. But it can also be given as a Mother’s Day gift, holiday gift or a gift to yourself (because you deserve it, mama!). 

A small gemstone is placed at the back closure of each piece, allowing you to customize your letter T initial necklace even further. 

Luxury Quality Letter T Initial Necklace

Mama always said "You get what you pay for." She was right!

This letter T initial necklace comes on your choice of a 16” chain or 18" chain. Our chains are 14k gold-filled. Letters are .925 sterling silver w/18k gold.

Choose a Gemstone For Your Letter T Initial Necklace

Do you need some peace and calm among the chaos of motherhood? Are you struggling to overcome mama worries or make confident decisions for your child? Are you just looking for a little support in your kiddo’s early years? Choose a gemstone to customize your letter T initial necklace and benefit from its unique gemstone meaning.

Choose from these gemstone meanings to personalize your letter T necklace:

  • Labradorite Stone - clears worries and reduces negative thoughts
  • Blue Chalcedony - calming and reduces anxiety
  • Rose Quartz - promotes peace and confidence
  • Clear Quartz - encourages patience and balance
  • Turquoise - represents courage and friendship
  • Rainbow Moonstone - offers hope and strength
  • Amethyst - calms the mind and promotes decision-making

Learn more about each gemstone and its benefits. Click here to explore, then choose your favorite stone to personalize this gold letter T initial necklace.

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