Tough As A Mother Tribe

"Balanced Mama" Mom Necklace - Quartz Stone -


Genuine Quartz stone. 18" 14k gold-filled chain.   

Arrives beautifully packaged & gift  boxed

Stone meaning: 

  • Balance

  • Positive Energy
  • Perseverance
  • Patience

  • Our clear quartz necklace is the perfect piece if you're seeking minimalist mama jewelry. This gemstone necklace makes a perfect new mom gift, baby shower gift for moms, or gift for yourself. 

    Quartz will help you embrace your patience and energy because DANG, motherhood is a marathon not a sprint. We need to remind ourselves to see the big picture because the trail of pretzel crumbs from the kitchen to the couch, poopy diapers and cartwheels at the park don't last forever. 


    Customer Reviews

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    Beautifully curated for moms

    The entire package was a delight to receive. Very thoughtful and detailed. The necklace is truly special because theres a meaning behind it.

    Classic and Calming

    I love that this necklace truly goes with everything. It is simplistic and gorgeous and serves as a great reminder to breathe and keep balance.

    Nicole Garcia
    Perfect Balance

    This necklace is the perfect balance of simple and beautiful! You can dress it up or dress it down. What a great reminder to keep balance in life! :)

    Emily Lewis AKA Mrs Mommy Booknerd
    So...I am obsessed with these #necklaces by @toughasamothertribe

    Being a #mother is one of the most important things in my life. It is something I take pride in, even on the hardest of days.

    The “definition” of mother comes in various forms. You can be a biological mother, stepmother, mother by heart or fur mother the list goes on and on! Being a mother means caring deeply about another living thing and doing so with every fiber of your being! Being a mother is love without bounds!

    Wearing these #toughasamothertribe necklaces makes me feel like my children and fur baby are right there with me. Each necklace has a different stone and different affirmations to help minimize #MomGuilt (which we all have) and helps to promote #PositiveThinking.

    You can even get custom made necklaces! #MothersDay is around the corner and these necklaces would make a great #gift! I highly recommend them and have gotten lots of compliments on my necklaces when I have worn mine!

    #toughasamother #ittakesatribe #strong #beautiful #enough

    Nikoleta Morales

    Absolutely beautiful! Loved the simplicity and elegancy of the necklace. A must have!

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