The Perfect Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Every Type of Mom

The past year has been more than difficult for every type of mom, from the mom who thought she had it all together to the one who was barely hanging on even before the pandemic hit. With Mother’s Day approaching, kids, partners, and other friends and relatives are looking for the perfect way to honor everything the moms in our lives mean to us, and we are here to help with our favorite products for every mom. Whether she loves personalized mother’s day jewelry, nature, books, shopping, or just a quiet hour alone with a glass of wine, we have you covered. Check out these mother’s day products from companies I love, and a few from my own that are close to my heart as a mama myself.

For the new mom

Jewelry for Moms Quartz Pendant

As if being pregnant and giving birth isn’t hard enough, without a pandemic adding to the stress. New moms have been through quite a bit this year, and we honor their perseverance, go with the flow mentality, and pursuit of a balanced life with the quartz stone “Balanced Mama” necklace ($39.99). This beautiful pendant will catch the eye for the minimalist mom seeking an everyday piece to wear as she navigates the messy and challenging newborn days, and will be a piece she cherishes as her child grows, with its simple and dainty design. Every new mom needs a little bling to remember she is a woman, a person, and a mother.

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For the struggling mom

If you are buying for a mama who seems to just be hanging on, send some self-care vibes her way with a subscription box from Mama Needs a Box ($39.99 per month with other options available). This service helps moms remember on a monthly basis that they are important, appreciated, and worthy of some self-indulgence. While every new box is a surprise, past boxes have featured beautiful bags, books, and products that remind even the most struggling mom to take a beat for herself. Sometimes struggling moms just need a quick reminder that no matter what motherhood throws their way, they are as tough and strong as a mother.

For the work-from-home-mom

If the mom in your life has been holed up in her office (or closet/laundry room/corner of the kitchen “office”) making ends meet through virtual work, it’s time to help her level up her athleisure wardrobe. Work from home moms want to feel put together, but sometimes they really just want to not even wear a bra at all. Treat her to these sort-of pajama sort-of real clothes outfits with a built-in bra, and this Side Hustle Mini ($68.00) is the perfect “sleepwear you can socialize in.” Your work-from-home mama will appreciate feeling human again, but not human enough to dig those jeans out of hiding.

For the grieving mom

Tough As A Mother bracelet for grieving mom

Mother’s day can be a seriously challenging time for women in many stages of grief through motherhood--whether your mama friend lost a child, is still recovering from a miscarriage, or is struggling with empty nest syndrome over an upcoming college-aged kid leaving, there’s a present for her. My brand, Tough as a Mother Tribe, was founded on the notion that we are all grieving with that mother, and celebrating with other mothers through their happy moments as well, in a sort of silent sisterhood, united through jewelry and a common shared experience. The Tough as a Mother Beaded Mama Bracelet ($24.99) will remind a grieving mom that they can and will persevere through this stage of motherhood, and celebratory times will come again soon.

For the fashionista mom

It can be intimidating to buy for a super stylish lady, but one of my favorite brands, Love Mert, has you covered. Opt for a bold handbag, such as the Patchwork Rolan Hobo Bag in Confetti ($375.00) for a splurge piece she’d probably never think to buy for herself. This sustainable line of accessories comes from a handmade designer out of California, and uses vintage leather sourced from thrift shops. Fashionista mamas will love the bright prints and boho feel of almost any item from this company.

For the mom who has everything

Custom Initial Necklace for moms

If you still have no idea what the perfect gift is, opt for personal and timeless, with a personalized name necklace (starting at $39.99). You can choose the specific letters of each of the mama’s children, or you can spell out another word or acronym important to her motherhood. Initial necklaces for moms have been trending for awhile, but these necklaces also feature a gemstone, which carries with it the power to heal and transform, and can be selected based on the specific needs of that mom. For example, Blue Chalcedony protects us from racing minds, and the anxiety and doubt that can come with day-to-day parenting.

Don't forget to use the exclusive code "blog30" at checkout to receive 30% off!

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